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Intermediate Kayaking Program   or Eskimo Roll
The Intermediate Program is designed for the beginner to the next step in kayaking technique and skill.  Prerequisite either Introduction to Sea Kayaking course (or the equivalent)  Cost $80 Length  3.5  hours each
Intermediate Kayaking
-Hip snap development
-High and Low Braces Continued
-Stokes Continued (power, touring, reverse, sweep, draw)
-Paddle Float Rescue (self rescue)
-Trip Planning
-Boat and paddle design

Eskimo Roll Cost $80- Members can retake the class for $40.    Check schedule for locations
The Ultimate Self Rescue!
Join us to learn the art of the Eskimo Roll.
We will work on hip snap development, the H-rescue and the Bow rescue along with the elusive Roll.



Intermediate Kayaking and Advanced Boat Control
 Cost: $90 - Offered in Naples FL Nov-March and in Chicago April-Oct.
Reminiscent of our once offered Intermediate Class (that was 6 hours long) we are bringing back a new and improved version.  This is the most comprehensive class offered in one day.

This 5.5 hour class focuses on the basics of paddle float rescue, hip snaps, bracing, with an additional focus on boat control, towing, and navigation.   

Who should take this class?
-Those who are at a level three or are about to be.

-Those who want to go out on Lake MI or other large bodies of water/ ocean environment

-Those who want to have greater control of how their boat responds 

As it gets colder, being able to get to a swimmer quickly and efficiently becomes more important do you feel you have adequate skill level to get to someone as quickly as possible to perform a rescue?  Can you tow someone?  How do you find your way?